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The Asian Evaluation Week (AEW) was conceptualized as a key knowledge sharing evaluation event for the Asia and Pacific region. It is an event that is jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Finance, PRC and the Asian Development Bank. The AEW gathers government officials, international organizations, and independent evaluation experts to exchange knowledge and the latest thinking in evaluation.


The inaugural AEW was held in Xi’an, China in September 2016 and the second 2017 AEW was in Hangzhou, China in September 2017.  During both AEWs, participants confirmed the AEW as a highly relevant forum in p-romoting partnerships and knowledge sharing and advancing the importance of evaluation for policy making in the region. 

The theme for the 2018 AEW is “Making Evaluation Work at the Country Level”. This recognizes that evaluation is increasingly regarded by countries as critical for public policy both from accountability and learning perspectives. The 2018 AEW will examine various dimensions of how evaluation is used and can be supported at the country level. 

The objectives of the 2018 AEW are as follows:

  • To provide a venue for knowledge sharing on cutting edge ideas on evaluation within Asia, and between Asia and other regions, such as Africa and Latin America.

  • To enable countries to share experiences on their evaluation approaches and works and gain knowledge on how to manage and use evaluation in their country context.

  • To allow experts and development partners to showcase progress in their evaluation works and recent practices on evaluation.

  • To increase awareness on the use and role of evaluation in development effectiveness.