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Welcome to gLOCAL Evaluation Week 2019
information sources:https://www.theclearinitiative.org/CreateDate:2019-04-03

The CLEAR Initiative Announces gLOCAL Evaluation Week to Bridge Local and Global Monitoring and Evaluation Practices, Capacities, and Results

●     From June 3 to 7,2019, multiple events will take place in locations worldwide

●     Events will beorganized by monitoring and evaluation stakeholders working at local, regional,and global levels

The CLEAR Initiative announced that, together with global and local partners, they are planning thefirst gLOCAL Evaluation Week from June 3 to 7, 2019. During this week,knowledge sharing, skill-building, and networking events organized bymonitoring and evaluation stakeholders will take place at multiple locationsworld-wide.

Theinspiration for gLOCAL Evaluation Week reflects two forces that are shapingtoday’s evaluation landscape, globalinfluences on local practices and localinfluences on global evaluation practices. To better understand new complexities and take advantage of newopportunities, evaluation practitioners, decision makers, researchers, donors,and other stakeholders will share their experiences and knowledge acrosslevels, countries, and regions.

An online Call for Proposals is available at The CLEAR Initiative (https://www.theclearinitiative.org)   Public, private, and academic institutions,organizations, associations, firms, and other entities that produce, use, orpromote evaluations to strengthen development programs are invited to submit aproposal to host one or more events. 

●    Events can focuson evaluation methods, evaluation communication and use, evaluation capacitydevelopment, glocal evaluation, or another topic relevant to monitoring andevaluation practices, capacities, and results.

●    A wide variety ofevents are welcome, including presentations, panel discussions, roundtablediscussions, skill-building workshops, and more. For example, an event couldinvolve bringing people together in an agency or evaluation for a workshop oncomplexity evaluation, hosting a panel discussion on youth evaluation, orvirtually convening global evaluators and communication professionals toco-create a communications toolkit for evaluation.

●    Events can bedesigned for all audiences, or targeting beginner, intermediate, or advancedlevel participants.

For the latest information, please follow theCLEAR (@theCLEARInitiative), visit www.theclearinitiative.org,or email clear@worldbank.org.